Cross-functional Team members

Product Manager
Taylor Moon

Producr Designers
Minjung Kim (Lead) , Sol Lee

iOS Developers
Jonathan J. (Lead), Cruz Kim

Android Developers
Evan (Lead), Neil

Server Engineer
My Role

Directed user experience and main interface design as a product design lead by creating the rapid prototypes

Invented a concept of the first polar bear character for the brand identity and the interface pattern

Conducted the App Store screenshots and the product promotion assets and banners

Assisted fellow by sharing expertise with various graphic and prototyping tools such as Sketch3, and Protopie

Project Timeline

First Milestone MVP

Testing Design Concept

Design Motif and Brand Identity



Meet amazing people!

Connect with a diverse set of people all across the United States
to exchange a worldwide cultural understanding.

Loading page

Let’s surf all around the world and chill out with friends!

View more user’s photos

A smooth transition of the bottom button allows to user can access additional profile photos easily.

Let us know your feeling

After disconnecting, we provide a clean review system with a small popup for the community health.

Future Scope

Opportunities for improvement as the product thinking.

After all the process of milestones, the problem was that the term between each video connecting was quite long and the loading interface and even interaction was static and boring so the users were easy to leave the app during their waiting time.
I found that the users had trouble in having a good experience while using our service because there were various types of users including people who had good or bad verbal communication skills and abusive uesrs. And it was obvious that not all the chat experiences could give users the best experience. 
So I came up with the ideas. Making loading screen more interesting was one of my solution to solve those problems by providing the featured users information, a dinamic animation of the loading page and a review system into a light layer pop-up to report user’s feeling right after disconnecting.

Product Promotions

iOS, Android Social Application
Hyperconnect, Seoul

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