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minjungㆍProduct Design Intern at  Facebook  in Menlo Park this summerㆍPreviously at  LINE   Naver  corporations and  Hyperconnect  start-upㆍMFA candidate in Interaction Design at  School of Visual Arts  in New York City  Say hey via  email ㆍFind her @ofjas on  Instagram   LinkedIn 

Selected Work

Facebook Product Design
Menlo Park Internship 2019

Google Design Exercise  
Mobile Product Design 2019

Music Under New York
Web UX · Service Design 2018

Apple Siri × LINE 
Pre-Updates in Cupertino
WWDC, UX · UI Design 2016

My 30min · AARP × Doblin
Mobile UX · Product Design 2018

LINE Messenger UX TF
Mobile UX · UI Design 2016

SURF Video Chat
Mobile Product Design 2017

Friends A.I Speaker
A.I Flow Design 2016

NAVER Next Memo
Mobile UX · UI Design 2015

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